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Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Remodeling: Shower/Tub Improvements

Do you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your Northern Wisconsin or Upper Michigan home’s bathroom and shower without committing to an entire bathroom remodeling project? By making some small, quick, and affordable improvements to your bathtub and shower, you can see immediate results in the appearance, bathing experience, and energy-efficiency of your bathroom. Check out these bathroom improvement suggestions from North Twin Builders.

Prefer to leave bathroom improvements and remodeling to the professionals? North Twin Builders provides professional home remodeling services throughout Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan- Contact us today to schedule your home improvement project!

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Beware! Spring Thaw in Vilas County Can Mean Wet Basements

Here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, spring is long-waited and well celebrated. Say goodbye to shoveling, scraping windshields, and tough driving conditions! For your home, spring thaw equals a new set of problems. You have just conquered the dangers of ice dams pushing water through your roof – now that pesky snow is seeping into your basement! 90% of homes suffer basement leaks, and, in Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, fast melting snow is often the culprit. North Twin Builders reminds homeowners to watch for signs of a wet basement this spring, to take preventive steps, and to address the issues that create this threat to your home.

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North Twin Builder’s Guide to Local Chambers in Northern WI

How Can a Local Chamber of Commerce Help You?

Maybe you are considering a vacation in the beautiful Northwood’s of Wisconsin or Upper Michigan. Contacting the local Chamber of Commerce is a great way to start your vacation plans. Chambers can provide information about local accommodations, great places to eat, and ideas for how to spend your time. You may even be able to request or download a visitor’s guide to keep all of the information right at your fingertips.

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Planning your trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin or Upper MI this summer?

Planning your trip to the Northwoods this summer. Perhaps our home town of Phelps Wisconsin that borders the beautifulUpper Michigan will be your destination this year!


Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider A Kitchen Island!

North Twin Builders can help you create a custom kitchen design that matches your unique tastes and  kitchen remodeling needs.

The main reasons homeowners decide to undertake a kitchen remodel project are to create more space, improve the usability and update the appearance. Incorporating an island is a great way to unite all of these reasons, while making your newly remodeled kitchen specially designed for you! Before settling on a style for your kitchen island, read these tips from North Twin Builders.

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Ice Dams in Northern Wisconsin: Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this blog, North Twin Builders discusses the causes and short-term solutions for ice dams.  When your homes heat escapes through the roof, it melts the standing snow and forms an ice dam that has the potential to do serious harm. Most of the short-term solutions are focused on the external factors of ice dams, like snow and ice. Why not focus your attention on the one factor that you can control – your home. Instead of wasting your time and money, North Twin Builders recommends getting to the root of the problem and going for the long-term solution. T

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Ice Dams in Northern Wisconsin: Part 2

In part 1 of this blog, North Twin Builders explains how to recognize ice dams and the dangers they present to your home. Part 2 examines some possible short-term solutions to get rid of ice dams. Although some of these solutions may work, it is important to understand that ice dams are a long-term problem and it is more cost-effective to eliminate the threat permanently than to keep applying Band-Aids. Here are some examples -

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Ice Dams in Northern Wisconsin: Learn about the causes and danger of ice dams – Part 1

As we come to the end of this record-breaking winter here in Vilas County, North Twin Builders reminds homeowners to watch out for ice dams. It is important to know how to recognize ice dams, be cautious when trying to deal with them, and seek a long-term solution.

Most homeowner first notice icicles hanging from the edge of their roof or gutters. However, it’s common to not be able to see ice dams developing from the ground as they tend to form around chimneys and skylights, and climbing on the roof in the winter for an inspection can be very risky. Understanding what causes ice dams and how to prevent them are a homeowner’s best tool against this danger.

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solutions from North Twin Builders!



Phelps School District: Making Phelps Wisconsin A Great Place To Build A Home

If you are considering building a home for your family in Northern Wisconsin, our small town of Phelps Wisconsin is a great choice! In addition to a friendly community, beautiful scenery, and great local events, Phelps also boasts of a wonderful school district. The Phelps School District is made even better by the amazing support it receives from the local community, dedicated to helping it’s youth receive a good education.

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Phelps, Wisconsin – A Great Place to Raise a Family

Considering building a home for your family in Phelps or the surrounding area?

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Design Builders: Making a Plan from the Ground Up

A while back we talked about the design-build system’s main advantage, the personal element. While that is a huge bonus, it is far from the only thing that makes a design-build system superior to other forms of construction. Every part of a project – planning to execution, money and time – is more efficient than with the architect-contractor method.

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